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About the fynbos corridor collaboration

In most residential areas there are members of the public that do isolated bits of greening in public spaces, and in some areas there are NPOs doing greening as well. Due to the uncoordinated efforts between members of the public and between NPOs, this greening effort does not make maximal impact in concentrating effort at strategic points in the city, nor in using similar plant choice rationale, nor in working towards linking green spaces with one another.

In order to better coordinate efforts between NPOs and direct the public’s greening enthusiasm towards functional greening, a group of urban greening NPOs are rolling the fynbos corridor collaboration to create a way for different greening initiatives to coordinate their efforts towards a single goal and to focus all our efforts more productively.

Work process

How we work


Building a collaboration takes time and effort. First, we need to get used to each other and our ways of doing greening in Cape Town. Our goal is to meet every 3-4 weeks and discuss how we envision the collaboration and the corridor, how we are comfortable going about this, etc.


Once we have figured out what our priorities are and how we want to achieve these things, we make plans and protocols. We define the corridor route, the planting protocols, preferred species, and other requirements for being part of the collaboration.

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Take action

The next step is for each NPO to go about their urban greening activities. But now these activities will conform as much as possible to the goals that our outlined in our corridor plans. When suitable, the NPOs will adjust their species and target areas to align with the corridor strategy.

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Throughout the project a monitoring protocol will be in place. This allows for continuous revision of how things are going and adjustments as needed.

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Our partners

Founding members

These organisations are building the fynbos collaboration project together. We are looking for a variety of organisations joining us while we set up the initial work and would like to invite another 2-3 organisations to become founding partners. Are you interested, or can you think of a good organisation to join us? Please let us know!

Supporting members

These organisations support our work


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